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We're just twelve pilgrims on the same road, heading to the same land. Our journeys have been, and remain, quite different. While we've been walking for some time, we're just beginning to write about it. And, as you might discern, we've not done it before. All first-time bloggers. All in need of more time.

The time we do have is spent pursuing different careers, caring for different children, reading different books, enjoying different hobbies, encountering different people, and thinking about different topics. Our goal is to discuss all these topics and share our views on all these things.

You'll hear from mothers, a politician, an accountant, a missionary, a scientist, a priest, a lawyer, a teacher, a looper/investor/theologian, a professor, a pastor, and a diplomat. Some are in, or from, foreign lands, and the rest are spread across the U.S. Some are Orthodox, others Roman Catholic, the rest Protestants--all, however, are faithful believers. As you'll probably notice, what binds us transcends our differences.

The plan was to invite 12 people that would make up a most interesting, lively, and humorous dinner party. My guests are all good friends. They're people I really enjoy spending time with and people I've learned from over the years. I think they'd enjoy each others company, but they don't even all know each other. I have no intention of directing the conversation at this meal, so you'll read about all sorts of topics here.

Hopefully, you will join us on the journey, give us your comments, and tell a friend or two along the way.


Thomas More