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Like a fresh yet familiar wind, my friend. Preach on!


Thanks Albertus! You've encouraged me in my dating life and strengthened my finances.

Thomas More


If you were a guy, you'd know that those two things never go together (increased dating and strong finances)!


Thomas More

After recently finishing "1776"--a great book--and touring some Revolutionary War historical sites in New Jersey, another application of this post comes to mind. It's also timely given the recent July 4th celebration.

General Washington understood that normally a military leader is graded, and probably grades himself, on battle victories. But the old "win the battle, lose the war" saying is truer than the immediate grading.

Washington lost most of the battles his army fought in. But he kept the army together, and eventually triumphed. It probably would have gone much differently if he was only interested in tactical victories, that would have so depleted his army, he could not have slogged it out over the long haul.

In fact, if he'd only graded himself on battle successes, we'd all probably be speaking English right now...oh, wait, that's another story.

Anyhow, accepting short-term losses for long-term gain worked in the Revolution, on the other side in Vietnam, and might be the issue today in Iraq.

With each bombing we hear about the short-term problems. But what does the big picture look like? As Albertus Magnus and George Washington show us, sometimes we have to swallow our pride in the moment, to achieve the greater good in the future.

Pyrrhically yours,


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