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Albertus "Mags" Magnus

Way to go, T. More! Excellent material, front and center. Should be read by all Americans (and others as well) several times a year, this being one.


Hear, hear, Thomas More.

Your rhetoric strikes me as almost Jeffersonian


Thomas More

Almost Jefferson, almost. I hear modern scholars are arguing that TJ didn't actually write the Dec of Ind, but it was probably done by someone with his same name.

In any event, you'll note the lack of signature at the bottom--just in case anyone was confused!

More seriously, in reading it again, I was struck by the union of "human events" and "equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them." It is things below triggering an appeal to things above.

The Declaration flows from the worldly, but is based in other-worldliness. It is our circumstances forcing a change, and a reliance on "the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions".

What an interesting combo. It takes me back to our recent posts by moms: invitation, in-laws, sanity, lightning storms--events in life do cause a reflection on what is beyond circumstances. This is true individually and as nations. Once the circumstances become too much, we seek change--revolution or repentance--and look to something Other than self for the right way and what is right.

I also find it interesting that Jefferson, not much of a practitioner of faith from what I understand, embedded the Two Cities together so much in our founding document. It is a habit that modern politicians continue to employ, and is almost required in American politics--unlike many other lands.

Does this habit flow from the Declaration, or is it from the American Character--thus requiring it in the Declaration?

The American "chicken or the egg"--your thoughts?


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