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What a great way to start my week-laughing so hard I had to rest my head on the desk!
I am horrified by most fast food I see in commercials, and bear in mind that it normally looks a lot better in the comercials than it does in real life. So, I wasn't too much more shocked by the latest KFC offering. But sometimes they outdo themselves.

lucy pevensie

I had to rewind a KFC ad about this to show my husband. I was equally grossed out at the Famous Bowl concept. But the LA Times piece takes the cake, so to speak. Very funny, very well written.


Apparently hospitals are now needing to acquire bigger X-ray scanners because more and more patients are too fat to fit in them. (I'm not making this up! It's reported in next month's Radiology journal). Their fat is also too dense for the rays to penetrate, so squeezing them into the machine sometimes isn't worth it.
Why am I adding this to the post on KFC Famous Bowls? Er, I hope that's obvious;)

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