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Here's a nice list of French inventors:


Thomas More

MBMc, I would have given you Jacques Heim and Louis Reard. But their "invention"--which does indeed contribute to the world, I guess--was a "re-invention" according to the very site you referenced!

Other than that, there's only two in the last 100 years on the list--and one just changed the landing gear on a plane!

Any more takers?


Jay Cline

Without the French, we would not have such a splendid metaphor for entrenched, linear static thinking.

I give you the Maginot Line.


Hmm...French contributions...

There's always the white flag, but that was long before the 20th century.

Alright...no more ragging on the French.

I will, as MBMc exhorts, rise above the pc quagmire and say that I am eternally grateful to the French for sowing the seed of one of the greatest forms of musical expression: jazz.


I am grateful for Facconable shirts, Grey Goose vodka, and Champagne.


Ahem, that was Faconnable shirts.

Thomas More

A couple of notes on MBMc's favs: in my original post I stated that relying on refinements or past innovations does not satisfy the Challenge. I named fashion, food, and wine as important French contributions--but none are modern (within 100 years.)

So the shirt--whichever way you spell it--and Champagne are obviously out as offerings.

Leaving Grey Goose. First, it is vodka, which was known in Poland as early as 1405 and Russia by the 18th Century. It's not French and it's not modern. "They" (which is really "us" as you'll read below) simply refined something that already existed.

Second, and most importantly, Grey Goose was invented by an AMERICAN!!! Mr. Sidney Frank.

I am rather intrigued/amused by Mr. Cline's offering of "entrenched, linear static thinking"--that might pass the test!!

But, ultimately, Portia is right, we must stop ragging on the French, but why must they make it so easy?

Jazz (seeds at least, I will always list jazz as an American invention), food, MBMc's shirts, wine, they have indeed contributed a lot to our enjoyment in life. The point still stands that their government's decision to act as permanent spoiler to the U.S. does not sit well, and could be easily remedied to our, their, and the world's benefit.



Does Jacques Cousteau count? He invented the aqua lung among many other things.

As far as enriching our lives, how about the French film March of the Penquins? It definitely enriched our knowledge of...penquins. (I really did enjoy it, btw.)

Thomas More


Congratulations! As I mentioned in the post, only 1 person has come up with a satisfactory answer in some 15 years. It was, and remains, Cousteau. The SCUBA tank really opens up our understanding of the undersea world, and changed a lot about how we understand so much about the living world.

Very nice pick.

If there are any others, I'd love to have them sent in.

"March" was a good movie, but, come on...Change the way we live, think, etc.? Probably not. (I liked it too, btw.)


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