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I completely agree, Lucy! Every summer, as the seasons end and the reruns begin, I vow to turn off the TV. How many times can I watch the same episode of Law and Order? A lot, apparently. It's become a mindless addiction I'm determined to break. At least until September;)


lucy pevensie

I must say, I've spent the last hour and a half actually getting meaningful work done! The draw of the tube is getting weaker and weaker. Even my "news" fix isn't so urgent -- there's always The Washington Post in the a.m. Thanks for your encouragement.

Jay Cline

We dumped our $60 (and rising) cable bill for a $20 Netflix bill. My little girl Samantha was upset at first ("PaPa, Disney isn't on Channel 53 anymore!"), my wife misses her music videos and HGTV and I am missing all the "new stuff" at Sci-Fi and History Channels.

But, Netflix has a great library (60,000 and counting). It is incredible how much is being put out on DVD these days. Studios from Disney and the History Channel and all that stuff on public TV are cranking them out.

Samantha loves picking out and queueing up her selections, my wife has found a plethora of music DVDs (she is a professional singer) that are orders of magnitude better than MTV and VH1 and I can wait for the weekend to watch the latest "Conquerors in History" episodes.

And we don't need a DVR.

We get 3 DVDs, for as long as we want to keep them, one for me, one for my wife and one for Samantha. And having to make a conscious viewing choice (as opposed to sit 'n click) is real effective at filtering out the numbing cacola that litters cable.

Sorry for sounding like a commercial. I guess I haven't seen one in awhile ...

lucy pevensie

Thanks for the Netflix info (but don't tell my husband who works for a cable company that will go unnamed!) Anyway, I think you hit the nail on the head with "conscious viewing." My husband and I are trying to watch ONLY pre-approved shows -- ones that we decide in advance we want to watch. It is a great filtering system.

Thomas More

It's great, unless you are Mrs. More, and your spouse "pre-approves" everything on ESPN, including four episodes of Sports Center!



I just thought of a small correction to my original comment. It's somewhat harder for us single folks to turn off the TV. I know the married people with kids find it hard to imagine "silence" but it does exist and it's a little creepy! Eating a meal especially seems to require human voices in the background, don't ask me why. So, I often find that the TV is on in the background, even when I'm not paying much attention to it. I'm guessing other singletons live the same way.

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