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Maybe our strong reactions to negative words is a basic instinct to protect ourselves. If we hear "hate" we equate it with danger or aggression so we'd better wake up in case we need to fight or flee! What's more disturbing is that we no longer respond to words of affirmation. I suspect that we are so saturated with flattery ("darling, you look FABulous"!) that we've completely tuned out. This is really easy to see in children who are given constant praise in an effort to build their self esteem. They soon learn that these apparently kind words are meaningless and they are no longer encouraged by them. Adults are the same if we are so concerned with being liked that we never tell each other the truth.


Wow...I've never really thought about it but somehow must've thought the same subconsciously. It wasn't until I read this little tidbit that I thought "you know he's right".

Great blog!

Ron's Bloviating

If a person visits a foreign country what are the first words they learn?

Your right the fall has infected every aspect of the human race including language, culture, the arts.

Acts does undo the damage.

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