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Thomas More

This reader will go with "maturity" or "experience."

Before you know what you'd like to devote to, you try many different things. This is true in college, careers, relationships, and even faith (filling Pascal's vacuum with X or Y until one realizes what's supposed to be there.) The lie is the notion that dabbling equals making the most of something. It's almost the least of something. But it is better than trying nothing if you don't know what you'd like best.

College is, for many, the first exposure to all sorts of new ideas and activities. It is natural then, even if unfortunate, that people would scatter their time and energy. In some ways this might actually be helpful. If a future virtuoso in a certain field had never tried it--but instead dove into something they were not as gifted in or passionate about--the world would never benefit from their experience.

The problem arises when no decision is ever made. If the dabble goes on through graduation, then you are right, a great opportunity--a college education--is diminished, if not lost.

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