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Great news. As a child of divorced parents I cannot recommend enough talking frankly to couples contemplating separation. When a friend was telling me how so many of her friends were getting divorced (and I knew her marriage was unsatisfactory), I told her the horrible effects divorce had on me. This friend has a young child, and I hoped to impress upon her the long term difficulties the child might face. Sometimes people simply need a silent empathetic ear. Other times they need someone to tell them their actions may have unintended consequences. Of course life is complicated,but I think we 'mind our own business' until it is too late sometimes.

Again, huge hurrays for those couples who a continuing.


I always loved GK Chesterton's comment that incompatibility was the only reason for getting married in the first place. But I'd love to fill all the monasteries and nunneries with children from our own marriage regardless. After all, who's going to pray for us incompatibles? :)

Thomas More

Even in Christian circles you always hear of the "outs" allowed for marriage. There are books on when it is, or is not, biblically acceptable to divorce.

It is the wrong issue to dwell on, and thank goodness the Lord doesn't approach our infidelity that way!

The tough question is: How are we going to get through this mess, you, I, we created? Reconciliation and restoration is always harder than dissolution. Walking away is easy. Our God does not, however, respond to our infidelity by walking away. His model is long-suffering, turning the other cheek, faithful to the unfaithful, extending mercy, in short: grace.

No where in life would this be more difficult than in a marriage relationship, the trust is too high and the relationship too deep for a breach to be easily forgiven and forgotten. That said, I assume--and thankfully don't personally know--that the couples that overcome the trying times have a depth of understanding about grace few others can fathom.

We aren't called to love each other till death because we are perfect, or even intrinsically loveable.

Hosea might have been on to something.

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