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Similarly, I think mothers sometimes have a hard time letting go of their sons. When my Dad got married his father had already died. His mother not only failed to give him her blessing, but called down curses on my mother and any of their future offspring!!! Thankfully he decided to get married anyway and my sister and I feel fine.

Mrs. More

Further encouragement: my father has been one of those wise fathers who gave us his blessing the moment we got engaged, and has been a blessing to us ever since. (His only hiccup was his desire to warn me of Mr. More's surprise proposal ahead of time, just in case.) That aside, if he has ever had any misgivings or concerns of any kind, we have never known about them - not spoken, not implied. Quite the opposite - he is encouraging and respectful at every turn, eager to help in any way, but quick to defer and avoid stepping on toes. As a result, we seek him out for advice and assistance often and greatly enjoy time spent with him. We love to have him stay with us and often wish he would stay longer! If ever he wants or needs to live with us, Mr. More and I would be happy and blessed to have him. Clearly his approach to fathering has benefitted us, and himself as well. Selfishly I imagine he enjoys his freedom to continue to pour his love, time, and dreams into his daughter's life in a way that is appropriate after having given her away.

(If I have overstated Mr. More's opinions, he's sure to chime in, but as for father-in-laws, I think I'm safe.)


As a father I imagine myself setting a precedent of how a man is to treat a lady. My hope is that my son will see and do and my daughter see and expect. My theory goes like this, the better man I am the better chance my son has of being a good man and my daughter of choosing one.

Thomas More

As a follow-up, I spotted this old article at Christianity Today. Might be interesting to note:


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In the Old Testament the word for blessing means the transmittal or endowment of the power of God’s goodness and favor. It was usually done with the spoken word and the laying on of hands. It was done by fathers to their children, but were also given by people in authority to those under their authority or by priests to the congregation of believers.

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