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Thomas More

The reason for your husband's behavior is that his ideas are so burdensome! That's a joke. In fact Mr. Beth sent me "Successful Fathers" a while back. It is now listed as my favorite book (really more like a pamphlet it is so short and easy to read) on parenting. In fact, I was going to post some day on it and some others that have been useful to Mrs. More and I.

I'll start here and post more later. Stenson presents all battles as 18 year, not 18 minute, battles. Thus, partents must deal with all situations with kids as looking to their ultimate development as adults--not just the temporary "who will win this standoff, I'm the parent, so I will" sort of thing.

What he is shooting for in the 18 year old is character--seen as the possessing and living out of the 7 virtues.

Over the last year or two, the elders at my church have used the classical virtues and vices as our platform for our accountability discussions. They are very useful when thinking about how your kids are coming along as well as how even leaders of churches are doing.

My favorite thing Stenson did--in fact I was just mentioning this point from the book to Didymus Saturday!--is he puts the entire "art" of parenting into context. I've always had little pearls of wisdom, or examples from my own upbringing to use. But Stenson brings it all together and makes everything "fit" into the big picture. That, I think, was my favorite part of his work.

It is only 60-something pages and a few bucks--every parent, or someone thinking of being a parent, or someone who knows parents, should give it a read!

Great stuff Beth!

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