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Excellent blog. Through some egregious oversight of the Church, I have never been canonized, but I am of like mind. ;^)


The Musical Monk

Thomas More


Thanks for the kind words on our blog. We hope you continue to enjoy it and join the discussion.

As for the Church's oversight, I cannot explain that--other than to offer a paraphrase of Monty Python:

"You're not dead yet!"

While this might offer you some temporal relief to your "non-canonization" situation, it doesn't solve the problem. If, however, you are dead and commenting from the grave, I'll be happy to send an email to the Vatican on your behalf!

As for the original Hucbald, I wonder, are you a fan of Arnulf of Soissons?


P.S. It is not often that you get to mention Monty P. and Arnulf in the same post. Wonderful.

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