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Thomas More

A very interesting question Philomena. Why does it "feel better"? I'm not sure. I'll note, however, that these issues go way back. In a recent discussion on property rights one person pointed out "Thou shalt not steal" is a very early codification of respecting others property. Plus, God promises a land to His people--and Abraham before that--as inducement.

Of course, with anything good, it is only one step from bad. Property can lead to greed. Going from what we need to what we want can be a the mistake.

What is good beyond the feeling, however, and if you can keep greed in check, is the improvement to the world ownership allows.

Take your difficult remodel for example. Though painful, there will be one more dwelling in the world that is that much more beautiful, that much more inviting, that much more a place people gather at and walk away restored.

When you don't own something, you tend not to improve it. Ownership tends to naturally foster good stewardship, and makes places more welcoming.

The next step, of course, is to welcome people in and share your God-given bounty. Property, if used to help others, can be of tremendous value.


It's already very apparent to me that "more stuff" does not mean "more happiness". It's a useful reminder!
Don't worry, the More family will be invited to share my God-given bounty very soon:)

Thomas More

I'll bring the laminate!

Mrs. More

Sure, we'll bring the laminate. Maybe you could share some drywall since Mr. More and his buddy are downstairs knocking holes in our living room wall.

Thomas More

One step backward in order to take two forward.


Do you Mores ever talk to each other directly??:)

But seriously, I'm beginning to wonder if the whole point of owning things is to be able to surrender them again. So, the things themselves are not the point (as usual) but the process is the important thing. If we don't own stuff then we can't serve others by sharing with them. ??


Never in the history of the world has someone washed a rented car.

Good? Bad? I'm not sure.

But you can't give what you don't have...



I washed a rented car once. (see, I REALLY can't tell the difference;). I was in Alaska, driving to a concert in my bestest black dress, and the rental car was covered in Alaskan mud. I was compelled to clean it up!


It's been a while since we had this discussion, but I was reading another article this morning that might answer my question i.e. "why does it feel better to own something (property)?". The article reiterated that we're all obsessed with home ownership, to the point where we're extended beyond our financial means. It suggested that, as home-owners, we have "the illusion of prosperity". The illusion being that we own our homes, when really most of us have so little equity in them that the bank owns most of it. But, apparently the illusion is good enough for us.
(Isn't that a happy thought...?!)

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