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I have had the honor of spending some time with the students and staff of PCH. INCREDIBLE! I've been a teacher for seventeen years and worked with kids for twenty - I believe PCH may be the most powerful ministry I've ever experienced. I was deeply moved by the love and commitment I witnessed.

It is this passage from Vincent's post that sums it up for me...

"...one of the girls patted my teacher on the knee, and we all realized she was crying. "I’m sorry, I just love you guys so much." She said. Then we all got choked up. One of the other girls in the cabin started crying and telling us a story..."

We all have a story, and we all long for that story to contain certain key elements - PCH is providing at least three of the most important pieces for kids...
Someplace to belong.
Something to believe.
Someone to become.

May God Bless PCH. And may other schools follow this lead.

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