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Dear Lucy,

Our experience, too. When our daughter was born with Down Syndrome, I prayed for God to heal her. The good Lord made it clear that I was the one who needed to be healed.

People sometimes refer to her as 'an angel'. Her shenanigans daily remind us it is not so according to the sentimental definition. But 'angel' comes from the Greek which means 'messenger from God'. That has certainly proven true.

With love and solidarity,



Our Emily has Cockayne's syndrome - it is terminal. She is 4 1/2 years old, this is 4 years more than we were supposed to have with her. We love her with everything we have. I caught myself the other day saying..."she is so broken, she is so perfect."
Mystery. Glory. Gratitude. Sadness. Love.
Thanks for sharing your story,

lucy pevensie

I can't imagine what you have faced with your daughter's illness. I am so sorry that she has to carry that burden, and you as well. It is clear that she is in a very loving home -- the right place -- and I pray that you and your wife will have all the strength you need to walk through this journey.

Thank you, Beth, for your continued encouragement. Your daughter's picture hangs in our kitchen, and she is an inspiration to us.

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