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As a long time reader, first let me say thank you all for your openness and honesty. I find myself awed by how you have all touched my soul and how God helped me find you. God bless all.

The segment from ABC was a beautiful testimony of service. I wept.


Lucy, Thanks for the lead.

I am still reading 'Eleni' about Greece during WWII and the subsequent attempted Communist takeover. Eleni has been killed and only her 14 year old daughter is left in the village (the rest of the family escaped to freedom). Nobody - no family, no friends - will speak to or help the girl. All her food has been taken from her. She may well starve to death. Then,

'The only woman in the village brave enough to speak to Glykeria was the feeble-minded shepherdess, Vasilo, who had long been the butt of Glykeria's cruel teasing. Drawn by the bleating of the hungry baby goats, she came to Glykeria's door and offered with tears in her eyes to care for the animals for free. "It's the only thing I can do," she cried, hugging the girl. "Your mother was like one of my family." Remembring the many times her mother had scolded her for baiting the unfortunate woman, Glykeria hung her head as she mumbled a few words of thanks.'

Lord have mercy on us all.


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