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lucy pevensie

Unbelievable. I'm in shock reading your piece, Thomas. All I can do is shake my head in disbelief and disgust.

Joni Eareckson Tada, perhaps the world's most famous paraplegic, wrote a stirring memoir, The God I Love,which I highly recommend. In it, she recounts a conversation she had with a young friend named Steve soon after her diving accident in her teens which left her paralyzed. Steve said, "Think of what your wheelchair is doing. It's like, well -- a jackhammer, breaking apart all your rocks of resistance. It's sandblasting you to the core, obliterating all the pride and independence. It's like a sheepdog snapping at your heels and driving you to the cross. Joni, this wheelchair is getting you ready for heaven."
If you know of Joni, you know that she went on to found the largest ministry to the disabled community in the world. Her life has been a winsome and profound testimony to the joy that Christ brings, regardless of circumstances. Rather, in the most bleak of circumstances, HE SHOWS UP.
Joni is the spectacular human being that she is precisely BECAUSE her body stopped being "perfect." When it did, she didn't give up. Shame on the church for giving up on people like her.

Pretty darned peeved,

Thomas More


I concur, and thanks for the tip to Joni's book. I'll post it on our book list.

It always saddens me when the Church buys into the world's view that only sees things through a lense of materialism and effeciency.

Blessed are the poor in spirit.


P.S. I trust your disbelief and disgust is directed at the C of E and not my post!

lucy pevensie

Yes, TM. Hate the blog topic, not the blogger.

Your application of the Good Samaritan story was very fascinating and helpful. As always, you keep us informed and enlightened!

Thomas More

Thanks L! (I'm rarely both fascinating and helpful--usually an either/or deal!)



The church of England lost it's distinctiveness a long time ago. It's now trying to make Christianity more attractive by latching on to selected worldly values it thinks will increase its popularity-like politicians moving towards the center purely to get the most votes. So, Lucy and Thomas, I am as disgusted as you at their response to childhood disability, but sadly not as surprised.


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