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Dear Philomena,

The delight in Christmas carols at Christmas reminded me of singing with our girls 'Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death and upon those in the tomb bestowing life!'. It is sung only at Pascha (Easter) to a tune used only for those words. During Lent our church music changes to a minor key. During all the longer Fasts, our priest wears a wooden pectoral cross instead of a silver one.

It is wonderful to have music and other traditions to mark the year. Enjoy sanctifying this holy time - may it lengthen and encompass the whole year.


lucy pevensie

How nice to see "rest" on your list of traditions this Christmas. We need to do more of that! It's wise to make it a priority. The busyness often pushes Jesus right out of the manger this time of year!

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