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I suspect that finding the "new thing" brings more personal recognition. I'm sure architects would like to have a distinctive style to be associated with, rather than getting the lukewarm pat-on-the-back for reflecting someone else's design (even if their new design is hideous). There's also the basic element of boredom. No matter how beautiful something is, we still stop appreciating it after a while and need change. But, I completely agree, Thomas- change does not necessarily mean progress!

Thomas More

I wonder though if classical architecture--or classical anything--is really "someone else's design". Maybe it is EVERYONE else's design. Meaning, maybe humans, collectively, have figured out that certain shapes, patterns, or styles always resonate with humanity--thus cannot get "old".

I agree with your point that people get a kick out of creating "their" new thing. Like being Columbus, everyone wants to discover something and get the glory. But I think there are only so many continents to find in this world, and once found, we need to explore them, rather than setting off for the next discovery--only to find some tiny atoll that won't matter 2 weeks later.

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