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As I recall, embryonic stem cells still have not given us any cures for diseases (compared to something like 40 conditions that have been treated with adult stem cells). Which makes me wonder why scientists are fixated on embryonic stem cells, and not the ones that have been working. It almost sounds like scientists have already restricted their progress out of spite for Bush's approach to the situation.

First Things has an article on the current state of embryonic stem cell research. To summarize:

  1. it is (at the least) extremely difficult to avoid rejection of the stem cells,

  2. embryonic stem cells are disturbingly likely to form cancerous tumors, and

  3. embryonic stem cells tend to work well in embryos, but not in adults.


Thomas More


Another area that scientists seem out in front of science--and I think you are right, there is a political rather than intellectual bias happening--is on global warming.

It may or may not be happening. I don't know, and I don't think there is definitive proof on the matter one way or another. There is evidence, yes. But I don't know that it has gone to a higher level, scientifically.

Michael Crichton makes this point very well, and he's not some political hack as far as I know, in this essay:


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