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Thomas More

St. Andrew,

Thank you for the advanced tip. It sounds great, and if I ever go to a movie theater again, I'll see it. If not, it'll be on the must-rent list.

I enjoyed your description of politics, in addition to the description of the movie. In particular, the line: "persistence, persuasion, pragmatism, and principle". I often wonder when persistence is not pragmatic, where is the line? When do we say 'my time could be better spent doing other principled things'? Why keep fighting a losing fight, when there are some that could be won?

I would be curious about your thoughts, and others', on when we draw the line and choose other dragons to slay--not many are still going after the gold standard after all. When is it time to be "practical" and throw in the towel, and when do we fight on for 20 years of 'no' votes in parliament.

The simple thought would be that if your battle is principled you should never give up. But, in reality, there is only so much time in the day and eneregy in the political arena to accomplish things. If there are 10 principled things, and you can't get them all through, when do you drop one and try the other?

Now, this thought surely crossed Wilberforce's mind: "maybe I should spend my time building hospitals or schools..." But he fought on for 20 years.

Where is that line?

Thomas More

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