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Thomas More

Ah, a good and righteous outcome--against a Big 10 school, nonetheless!

Defense was the key. Of course, now the pundits are complaining about the lack of offensive.

Speaking of defense, and the 1990's squads, don't forget the all-time scoring leader at UCLA, "American Pie" Don MacLean. When in the pros, he was once arrested for a bar fight. The reporter on ESPN had the classic call: "MacLean was arrested tonight in a bar fight. Apparently, he punched another patron in an attempt to defend his girlfriend's honor. It was the first time MacLean has defended anyone all season..." Classic.

Now Didymus, your post is filed under "religion"--what's the connection there?


I couldn't agree more about how wonderful it is to watch really tough defense. It seems strange to say that since pretty much every league in every sport thinks that more offense means more viewership. Early in the season I watched the Duke-Indiana game. It was one of the best overall defensive games I have ever seen played and it was amazing to watch. My friend Jeff Purdom says "shoot to get hot, shoot to stay hot", which might work if you have that talent, but defense (and rebounding which I also love) doesn't take a lot of talent... just a little attitude.

Thomas More


How about this (as an over-simplified statement, but still pretty close):

Offense: Talent and glory.

Defense: Character and team.

You like? I think, generally, it works.


Dear Mr. (Score) More and Air Browning,

Having had the pleasure of playing basketball with both of you I would say that you both qualify for being the type of players that, while talented no doubt, over achieve because of your willingness to do the "character" work.

And of course I can say the same for you as men.

As for me - while I like to watch good defense - on the court??? give me the ball...and the glory!

Didy MacLean

Thomas More

You did tend to pull up from half court for the three a lot...

Off the court, you're not nearly as offensive as me. On the court you're three times as offensive! (And significantly more talented!)

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