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Can I point out the obvious? Mrs Nicodemus is the only one who should answer this important question!

Thomas More

A female dictatorship over the man's own person?!?! Outrageous!

What about ol' St. Nic having some say-so? Obviously, if Mrs. Nic were to threaten him with diminishing her wifely charms--maybe a counter 'no shave' policy--it could influence the decision, but that doesn't give her sole authority. Action, reaction is one thing, sole authority is another!


Who has to spend the most time looking at the beard? Who will spend the most time pointing out the food which gets stuck in the beard?
I think Mrs Nic deserves veto power.


Mrs. Nic. has wisely pointed out that wives of priests rarely see their husbands! She suggests that it might be good to keep me ugly (a comment, Mr. More, which needs no further development).

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