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Thanks for this, Didymus. Great stuff. I was just wondering yesterday about how many of us (myself included) are under-performing because we don't appreciate our capabilities and our responsibility to use them. We are so obsessed with our failures and appearing humble. But, you are right, what appears to be humility is often low self esteem, which is actually a self-absorbed state to be in.
Let's be inspired to get over ourselves and get on with leading!!


If you will please forgive my unsolicited comment on my own post. I thought this was an interesting factlet. Not sure it "proves" anything.

In WW2 one could assume that all the involved parties brought all of their considerable wealth, talent and sweat to bear to win.

Economically, Germany and Russia doubled their production during the war. England tripled and Japan quadrupled their's. The United States? Drum roll please...how about 25 times! Now maybe that says more about the state we were in before the war - but remember the depression was world wide AND the European countries at least, were fighting for their survival - this was an arguable point on our end.

25 times! What an "exceptional" number. (credit again to Bill Bennett).



Thank you, Didymus. Excellent point and beautifully written. I was at Mount Vernon today reflecting on our nation's first President and all he did to set the bar high for us. In the new film recently unveiled at Mount Vernon, Gen. Washington inspires his reluctant men to make the surprise attack on the Hessians on Christmas night. He says with passion, "We fight to be free." That same passion that defined our nation then drives us now to free others. What a high calling.

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