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I loved your post. First of all, I went to college with Rob Bell -- he played in a band in my basement back then. It's so great to see how God has used him so mightily through NOOMA.

Second, my husband and I have been talking about noise too. He was noticing how 90% of the people riding the train to Philadelphia each week are listening to their IPODS. IPODS are fine, but he noticed that no one talks to each other on the train anymore. One could venture that no one listens either.

When we made a decision to stop having the TV on while our kids were awake, it was quite a rude awakening for me. A former press secretary, I LIVED with 24 hour news on all the time. The new quietness in the house was deafening. Now, that quietness is filled with children's voices, songs and games... but underneath it all is a soothing silence that provides a peaceful background. We obviously play music too, but it's often classical and I feel like God could talk to us through that sometimes! Anyway, I applaud your efforts to hear His voice better by turning down the other "voices" in our ears.

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