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Your story reminded me of one of my Dad's favorite stories from my childhood-the time when he persuaded me to take the training wheels off my bike. I complained and complained that I couldn't do it but finally climbed on the bike and managed to wobble to the end of the street, certain that he was still holding on to the back of the saddle. When I turned around, he was about 100 yards back, where we'd both started, with a smug grin on his face.

Ride on indeed, Thomas! Some of us need more encouragement than others, and you have been brave enough to make the leap. Congratulations!


No one is more capable than you. We are proud of your endeavor and know you will do great! Isn't it neat when we learn from our kids?
Best wishes,


That's so exciting! Best wishes to you and your family.

And I won't mention that the first time I rode without training wheels I practically stripped my whole left elbow of all it's skin :)

Well, I guess I just went and mentioned it. Sounds like your family has a better equilibrium anyway :)

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