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Thanks Lucy.
Last night my small group watched the NOOMA DVD called "Matthew" where Rob Bell talks about his friend who died in a car accident. In our discussion after the DVD we talked about loss and what it means to grieve properly, without drifting into bitterness. The last part of the discussion focused on God's restoring work and how we can look forward to being with our loved ones for eternity. It's a sobering subject but a comforting reminder that God is with us through our sufferings and we should be with each other as much as we can.

Thomas More

Good stuff Lucy. I got to watch it yesterday. A lot of truth on those living in the past ideas. I recently heard a sermon on the need to live "today"--I'll try to post some highlights later. Eerily similar.


Talking of "being there", maybe you caught the news story about Oscar the cat, who lives at a nursing home. He goes in and out of people's rooms all day but never stays with any one person. However, he seems to know if someone is in their last few hours of life. In that case, Oscar goes and sits on the bed with them until they've passed away.
Cats really are smart.

Thomas More

Yes, but at the end of the day, they are cats. And that's a problem.


My cats can read, and they know where you live, Thomas, so watch what you write.

Phil, I love that about the nursing home cat. What a precious gift for those people. I've noticed that when I've been really down or sick, my cats tend to come and stay close by too. I've even wondered if they were filled with the Spirit at times! (Theologians, don't get worked up. I'm speaking figuratively.)

Perhaps we need to be more like that cat and just be with others, particularly the elderly in our midst who need a tender touch and a compassionate listening ear.


Thomas More

I think your cats might indeed have spirits--just not holy ones!

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