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Do you think he will withdraw at some point or just see it through to the end? It seems like bad stewardship to keep accepting campaign contributions at this point??

Thomas More

I think he will withdraw when he can't get the contributions to let him run in a serious fashion. The stewardship idea probably won't fly with him for two reasons. One, this is his last shot (given his age) and he doesn't have to worry about irritating his donor base. Two, candidates are notoriously optomistic about their chances (and their PAID staff eggs them on) and they hope some stumble by the front runners will create an opportunity for them to make a comeback. Rarely does this work after a front runner fails and then waits to get back, but it is so early that he still has time--at least in his mind. Ultimately, I doubt he makes it to the RNC convention with a campaign. He'll drop out, but not right away--that's my guess.

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