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Thanks for your post.
If I understand you correctly, your complaint with the claim that "Life just got better" isn't with the idea that life with Jesus is better, but with the idea that it happens easily and quickly? I completely agree. It's no coincidence that this sounds like an advertising slogan. And we know that advertising specifically targets our short attention spans. We're already bored with what we bought yesterday so we need something to make life better today. In fact, advertisers rarely care if the product they sell satisfies. Once they've made the sale they can move on to the next client.
It's terrible to watch the church function in this way i.e. "just get people in the building with claims of a quick fix and our job is done, even if they are totally misled. As long as we have a large congregation, who and what we are doesn't matter". That just leaves people in their sin instead of lifting them up.


Yes Philomena that is what I mean. It is the "just" as in easy/quick that really bugs me. Thanks for clarifying for me.


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