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These are great thoughts.
My response (so far, still thinking...) is to say that ultimately both the presence of God and our belief in Him are foundations of our faith. As you said, our faith does not make God exist, but it is vital to our walk with Him (to our ability to "hold fast"). However, I think in our society where few religious or even spiritual people actually believe what they say they believe, the faith aspect has taken over from the actual presence of a supreme being. If the focus is just on making ourselves feel good, it doesn't really matter if the God(s) we say we believe in ACTUALLY exist. All that matters is our faith in the idea and how comforting that is. So, I think you are right to separate our faith in God from His existence so we can appreciate the difference. And for new believers (which I think was your original context?) it may be a very useful distinction to make because it's so counter-cultural.


Thanks Philomena. I think you are getting at what I'm trying to say. What I think I'm picking up from unbelievers is that they think the Christian "Faith" is about faith, not so much about Christ. That is, they think what makes our "faith" "work" is faith, that we have faith in, well, faith. I wonder how they pick that up? Is there some truth to this in our pre-occupation with the quantity and quality of our faith? The purity of our faith? Look at the books in a the "Christian Living" section at any religious book store and they all seem to be about the missing part/ingredient/aspect of our faith...not as many about God or Jesus. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong about this - it is just somethign I've been noticing.

Thanks again. This is an infant line of thought for me...I enjoy working through it with others.


The Interface

I think you are on the right track here, as our faith is only as valid and effective as the object of that faith. My faith in my ability to fly becomes suicide the first time I jump off the cliff to put my faith into action because the object of my faith was invalid. This is the point of Jesus telling us that the faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains...it's not the faith doing it but the object of our faith, God (who, incidently, hasn't told me to move any mountains, at least physical ones, lately), for Whom nothing is impossible. Faith is a channel, not a source. (Cf. J. Gresham Machen, What is Faith?)

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