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Thomas More

The managing v. forming distinction is a good one to think about, thanks Beth. You can easily get caught up in the schedule of life and float a long ways down stream without having put in some real thought on what the items in the schedule are for.

Have you thought about what books, skills, and activities your children should have tackled at various stages of life?

What are the disciplines the ancient writers you cited used to train 0-3 year olds in righteousness?


Managing vs forming is a great distinction to make and it applies to a lot of different areas of life (work, parenting, small groups...). It seems that in all these arenas, we can "manage" and that's enough to get by but we're called to do much more than that. Unfortunately, we can't always see the results of "forming" immediately so managing looks the same from the outside. It's tempting to settle for less.

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