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Great idea. One can give a card saying that a their gift has been in giving 2 Bibles (for example) to persecuted Christians in SE Asia. Catholics send cards at Christmas saying that nuns of a specific order are remembering you in their prayers. My non religious father gives me the gift of having given someone a goat or water buffalo in a poor area of the world.


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Thomas More

Beth, I sent you an actual water buffalo this year. I hope you and the kids get a kick out of it, and that there is ample space in your new apartment!

I all seriousness, this is a great idea Albertus. It is remarkable how little does much in these areas of the world. Looking at our American extravagance--including the church's--and how little we target our resources to needy areas (particularly outside our country, and even more particularly in unreached areas), I worry about our God's judgment on our stewardship.

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