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Dear Lucy,

So glad you are benefitting from Stenson. He wrote "Compass" specifically as a discussion book for groups of couples - I have always wanted to try it, so let me know how it goes.



Thanks, Beth. I just bought about 15 of his books to share with family and friends!
And I should note that Sir Thomas More was the one who got me started on Stenson in the first place. His recommendation on Stenson's book about Fathers was right on point. Thanks, Thomas!

Thomas More

Great stuff Lucy, thanks for the tip. In fairness, I passed along to you the fathers book ("Successful Fathers") for Mr. Pevensie. But, in fact, St. Nicodemus first gave it to me. It has spread like wildfire in our small group since then. One friend buys multiple copies and gives them away like after-dinner mints to any house guests.


Some churches have gift bags for expecting parents and the "Successful Fathers" book would be fantastic for that.

The Compass book would be a great book if trying to facilitate community in ones neighborhood.



Actually, Thomas, I just bought 12 books by Stenson to give away too! I like the hostess gift idea. I just came from a dinner with a single friend and ended up talking about several of the points made in the Peer Pressure book. It's actually very relevant to us all. Great stuff.

Lucy (for Mr. Pevensie too)

Thomas More

Alright Lucy, you win. I'm now reading the "Peer Pressure" book. But, I'm doing so as a result of peer pressure--not sure if that's a good thing! It probably is, as I've got decent peers. Some of the guys in my bible study had read your post, bought the book, and then passed it to me last night.

I'm 1/2 way thru, good stuff so far.


I guess peer pressure isn't all bad! It lends itself to discussion so I hope you and your friends can get some synergy going and benefit from it!

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