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Thanks Lucy.

This is such a hard thing to dwell on. Do we want good things? Yes. Do we want to suffer? No. If suffering is good for us, how should be feel about that? I'm sure the people in Mongolia would envy our lifestyle, but they are stronger people for enduring theirs.


In my travels and talking to others about theirs, I can include in the list of 'countries where one serves ones best to guests to the point of going hungry': Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa.

We have just started having our 7 year old daughter fast from food and drink before Communion (from midnight the night before to about 10:30am). Yes, she feels hunger pains. And we talk to her about 'hungering and thirsting for righteousness', and the spiritual reasons for fasting. The first step towards taming the passions is starving them. The first step in starving them is denying oneself the easy things - like food.

If one fears suffering, a good place to start overcoming that fear is seeing that one will not die in going hungry for an extra two hours. I do not mean to sound glib - it really does make a difference and one really does need to start small.



Thank you, Beth. This is an outstanding example of a specific thing we can do to "taste" suffering, so to speak, and also, to teach our children this concept. It seems small, but for those of us with full stomachs, it seems big too. What a wonderful idea.

Thomas More

Lent is a nice time to fire up a fasting program.

Lucy, enjoyed your use of "food for thought" at the end of the post! Glad we have this type of food too. Thanks for your contributions!

Thomas More

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