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Thomas More

Heaven is the only place we'll be able to focus on one thing with all our attention and energy. The sabbath rest is the picture of that here on earth, and why I think we need to focus on how important it is, to keep that model (and aim)of heaven in mind. If work becomes our heaven, we have the curse become the blessing.

As for me, my week's been more hell than heaven!


It's probably just the path of least resistance, i.e. it's easier to make work peaceful than to make home peaceful (depending on what your work and home lives look like!). But, I think home should be the real place of rest, at least for one day of the week.


Any time you have young kids (especially newborns) at home, it's not going to be a very restful place. My husband used to joke whenever we had a newborn that he couldn't wait for a good business trip! This didn't win him any points, mind you, but I understood his sentiment. If home cannot be a relaxing place, at least it should be a place free of stress and uncomfortable relationships, so that -- at least when the kids go down -- you can rest with your spouse!

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