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Who are you and what have you done with Thomas?!!

Thomas More

No, that's the real Thomas More, it is just that I'm not a "public display" sort of saint.

Once every ten years...under a pen name.


I like your style.


Congratulations, Thomas, and my condolences to Mrs. More.


Thomas and Mrs. More,
10 years! I've been reminded lately of this wonderful idea...The nature of joy is that it must be shared. And there can be no doubt that true joy gives birth to creativity and generosity and as a recipient over the last ten years of your wonderful creativity and lavish generosity there can be no doubting that the two of you have found in and for one another - joy. The world is a better place since God brought you two together. Thank you both. Praise Him and...


fred couples

it'll be fun to read in your third installment of this continuation about your "family" trip to bandon and how you and at least one (for now) little mores tackles #14 on trails and el diablo (#6) on dunes.


Thomas More

Phily, Lucy, Didy, and Freddy--

Thanks for you years of support and friendship. Lucy, you cannot have condolences for someone with that bad of taste, you just have to let nature take its course.


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