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Dear Lucy,

My friend with five children said her kids went through times when they tested boundaries - it even seemed to hit at regular intervals - 2/5/8, or so. It seemed to correlate to them getting smarter - they could do more, think better. "Are the boundaries Mom set a while back still there?" Bang, bang, bang, against those boundary walls, just checking to see if they were still where they were put last time.

It is indeed hard going, and it's 'pay now or pay later'. But once the boundaries are clearly defined again - and some kids have to bang against every square inch of the boundary wall! - they settle down for a while.

Bon courage!

Your comrade in arms,


Thank you, dear Beth. That is encouraging.

I just spoke tonight with a friend whose 7-year-old son has been testing her limits and pushing her buttons! We discussed the practice of laying hands on our children while they're sleeping and praying over them. I have heard others say that praying over their children in the night has resulted in some miraculous changes in their attitude and behavior. I also know that praying over my kids reminds me that it is GOD who works in them to conform them into His image. Too often, I try and try to "conform" them myself, only to discover... I can't! Alas, I can nothing with Him.

Finally, I'm learning that God needs to change MY attitude as well. How humbling! I forgot how parenting refines us parents as well as our kids. Thanks be to God.

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