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Thomas More

There was a campus evangelist with InterVarsity that was quite popular--when I was in school--named Cliff Knechtle. He would engage the campus in a spirited question and answer about Christianity. He really new a lot about the Bible and its historical and archeological authenticity. But he didn't turn skeptical students off by being a 'know it all.'

He avoided it by sticking four fingers up in response to a tough question and saying: "I--Do--Not--Know" in a deep and authoritative voice. Thus, in a debate he admitted ignorance. The questioners were often trying to trap and trick him to disprove Christianity. But I think this humble response, from a guy that was on campus, supposedly, to "answer all the questions" was useful for the honest listeners in the debate.

We're not supposed to know everything, we're supposed to have faith in Him who does.

Evangelists, pastors, parents, believers all, no one is to know everything. It makes us unbelievable if we act like we do.



Amen, Sistah!

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