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I didn't catch this skit on Saturday night, so saw it mentioned in the news first. They were describing it as a huge blow to Palin's credibility. I had no idea what to expect. I finally saw it on YouTube and it seemed like a very, very funny skit mocking both sides.
But, Hillary isn't running for anything. Then I saw Palin making a speech on TV this morning and all I could think about was how funny Tina Fey was. So, maybe these things do have more political influence than we realise.

Thomas More

They influence things. One time when Gore was making a baffoon of himself in a debate with George Bush, SNL mocked him the next Saturday. Gore's team taped it and made Gore watch SNL to prep for his next debate!!

Art imitating life/life imitating art...

I doubt, however, that SNL will be a "blow" to Palin. Those basing their political views on comedy skits rarely vote, and vote in such small numbers that they can't turn an election. More likely it's wishful thinking by the MSM.

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