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The biggest problem with the BCS (as you (or MBMc?) reference) is that people are looking at two different things: the best over all season, and the best team on January 8th. If we're looking for the best over all season, why is the winner of January 8th automatically the champion? Couldn't the loser still have had a better season? If we're looking for the best team on January 8th, why do the computers treat September the same as November? And why are the voters expected to give more weight to November, but the computers aren't?

My other complaint with the current system is that the conferences don't play each other enough. Within a conference, there are more than enough games to sort out the rankings (although there's not much anyone could have done about Oklahoma, Texas, and Texas Tech). But the only game between the Big 12 and the SEC was Texas (tied for best) blowing out Arkansas (tied for worst).


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