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Thomas More

Great story Lu. Now post the pictures.

Will definitely be worth more than 1,000 words.


Not on your life, Thomas!


A very nice post!

I hope you don't mind a few questions.

First, I've often heard Xians describe themselves as "nonreligious." I'm not sure why Xians describe themselves thus, however. Does the term "religious" carry some type of negative connotation of which I'm unaware?

Second, I confess that I'm sometimes hesitant to encourage people simply to dig into the scripture, especially when I'm confident that they have little understanding of how the church has interpreted the text. There seem to be so many ways to misunderstand it! Do you have similar reservations?

Thomas More


I think in my area of the world "religious" has taken on a negative connotation with non-believers. Thus the word does not attrack the non-believer to enter into any serious conversation about faith or religion. Hence, avoiding the word. Similarly, while you might be happy sometimes, you probably don't describe yourself as "gay" on those occasions; the word has shifted meaning or creates ambiguity as to what you are actually saying.

Religious, meaning holy, sanctified, set apart, is fine. I just don't think people hear that. They hear: preachy, not fun, stick-in-the-mud, judgmental, etc. No point in starting a nice conversation about personal faith to have it derailed into you being something you are not.

As to your second point, I generally agree. I'm reminded of the Ethopian eunuch who had the Scriptures explained, as did the men on the road to Emmaus. But I'm also personally aware of a few people I know that did a "tolle lege" and "discovered" the truth without instruction (one, by the way was a travelling salesman who would just read the Gideon Bible in each hotel room he stopped in.) Thus, all things are possible.

As for what is best, I benefited, and I think most would, by a mature Christian's guidance. Not every situation allows for this though--such as some treks to Machu Picchu, I suppose.

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